Acute plastic pollution is a major threat to our joint seas and coastal areas. In this regard, a Nordic cooperation on prevention, notification and cleanup will be extremely valuable.

The purpose of this webinar is to gather local and governmental authorities and other relevant contributors. Recent incidents will be highlighted, in addition to general and specific experiences and expertise.



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      • Welcome. Director Oslofjord outdoor recreational council Espen Søilen. 

Welcome and introduction of the webinar and OF 

The Trans Carrier accident – Timeline

Oslofjord Recreational Outdoor Council

      • Plastic pellets as acute pollution, experiences in Norway from the Trans Carrier incident.

        Norwegian Coastal Administration. Rune Bergstrøm, Senior adviser, Incident commander

Municipal preparedness against acute pollution and the experiences from the plastic pellet and paraffin wax events 2020

Fredrikstad Municipality Hans Arve Rognerud, Emergency manager

Spill of plastic nurdles – Experiences

Stödig Ship Management
Gisle Kårbø Rong, Managing director

Regulatory considerations of the spill of plastic pellets from MV Trans Carrier.

Norwegian Maritime Authority
Espen Blomvik, Adviser, Legislation and International Relations
Irmelin Skigelstrand, Adviser, International Environment

Management of pollution events on the Swedish west coast

West Coast Trust, Sweden, Florina Lachmann, Coordinator beach cleaning

      • KIMO Denmark

        Marine litter and recent plastic pollution incidents on the Danish west coast.
        Ryan d’Arcy Metcalfe, National Coordinator for KIMO Denmark


Lessons learnt from recent incidents, Thomas Sturgeon, Technical Advisor

      • Questions and answers

Closure, Espen Søilen, OF

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